Funny Yankee Swap Gifts

Bulldog in Santa costume standing over presentAbove all, gift exchanges are meant to be funny. A lot of the laughs come from the rather un-Christmasy spectacle of friends, family, and coworkers stealing prized items from one another. But the presents themselves can also be hilarious – in fact, that’s the quality most people look for when searching for a good Yankee Swap gift.

Tacky re-gifts and handmade items are always a hit, but nothing you can scrounge together in your home can compete with the wacky and weird crap they have for sale on the internet. To prove it, here’s a list of funny Yankee Swap gifts that are sure to get a big reaction when they come out of the wrapping paper.

Toilet Mug

Novelty coffee mugs are a dime a dozen. Well, not really. They’re actually more expensive than regular coffee mugs. But you get the picture. They’re common. What’s not common are novelty coffee cups that are as amazing as this one. Drinking brown liquid from a mini toilet? Eww.

Emergency Meal Transport

Despite the convincing appearance, this item isn’t really intended to carry human organs for transplant. Bologna and cheese is more its style. This is actually a fully functional insulated lunch tote – one that has some pretty solid customer reviews behind it. Obviously, this is one of the all-time great gifts for people who work in medical professions.

Farting Reindeer Ornament

Ornaments have a tendency to be tacky, but none are as intentionally tacky as this one. Push the reindeer’s butt to make it fart (smell not included). Lowbrow humor at its best.

Fifty Shades of Chicken

Most people will instantly recognize this as a parody of the unbelievably popular erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey. If not, it’ll be fun explaining it to them. As you can probably guess, this clever cookbook uses a lot of saucy language about thighs, breasts, and juices to keep the joke going throughout.

Santa Toilet Seat Cover

How about a little toilet humor? This four-piece set (rug, seat cover, tank cover, and tissue box cover) represents everything that is cheesy about Christmas decorations.

Mustache Duck Tape

A lot people don’t realize that you can get duck tape with a variety of different patterns, many of them utterly goofy. This mustache tape makes a baffling (and cheap) offering for a gift exchange.

A Christmas Story Nightlight

Everyone remembers A Christmas Story. In fact, many of us have it burned into our memories thanks to interminable holiday airings on cable TV. But if anyone needed a reminder of the kitschy lamp from that movie, this little item would be perfect.

Canned Unicorn Meat

If your Yankee Swap group is totally twisted, or includes unicorn fans, you have to get this item. In case you’re wondering, the can doesn’t actually contain meat (unicorn or other). Instead, it contains a dismembered plush unicorn. Sick, right?

Prank Pack Pet Petter

Sadly, the Pet Petter isn’t an actual product. This is just a funny box you can put your real gift in. Prank Pack also offers boxes for the Beer Beard, the Crib Dribbler, and many other phony products.

Chocolate Covered Bacon

Chocolate is huge around the holidays. Bacon is always huge. Match made in heaven?

Looking for more funny Yankee Swap gift ideas? In addition to checking out the other articles on this site, you can always try searching Pinterest (general ideas), Etsy (handmade), and Amazon (everything). To get the maximum number of results, don’t forget to use the terms White Elephant, Dirty Santa and other Yankee Swap synonyms.